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     We are looking for those who are looking for us!
     We interconnect, advertise, and build international partner businesses.
    MTÜ Balti Kontakt is building a team of marketing experts, web designers, bloggers, and financial advisers to make it a driving force of the project!

    Your contribution is to zoom the MTÜ Balti Kontakt project and your partner business to the international level!

    Goals and objectives:

    1. Development of the new design for the MTÜ Balti Kontakt landing page in accordance with the idea and the status of the international business club BK.ee

    2. Search for partners and generate ideas for the design of souvenir products and production of manufacturers under the BK.ee brand

    3. MTÜ Balti Kontakt announces a competition for the best design solution for souvenir products and production of manufacturers under the
    BK.ee brand

    4. Negotiations aimed at the organisation of promo actions and the sale of production of manufacturers under the
    BK.ee brand

    5. Regular participation in charity events.

    We interconnect ordinary people and businesses that offer to earn passive income and participate in their business activities!

    Promote the
    BK.ee business club brand along with your national symbols and your business logo.

    Represent yourself, your business, and your nation!

    Together, we establish a mutual support system to promote our goods and services, develop our good neighbourly relations, as well as cultural and business connections.

    Upgrade your financial literacy and your business intellect.  
    Earn your passive income.
    Use the referral links to gain actively!

    Never before, socially significant businesses were ever connected to the targeted socially significant internet advertising – you offer it through the
    BK.ee business club self-advertising internet platform! 
    Hard times produce strong people who promote their partner businesses and businesses of international companies for mutual benefit and earn passive income.   
    Alexander Neson
    The original author of the concept of BK.ee, MTÜ Balti Kontakt
    Investor, financial adviser



     Question! What income has a beneficial effect on human health and what income would you prefer: 

    My income suits me
    100 000 USD - active incime or
    10 000 - passive income?


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