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    Welcome to the international Knowledge, Investor and Self-Promotion Club BK.ee non-commercial association "Baltic Contact" (MTÜ Balti Kontakt).


    We interconnect ordinary people and businesses that offer the possibility to earn passive income and to participate in their business activities!  

    Never before, socially significant businesses were ever connected to targeted and socially significant internet advertising — this is what the BK.ee business club self-advertising internet platform offers. Read more... 
      Innovative next-generation transport systems
    Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. (SkyWay)
    entering the international commercial sales market in 2022!

    There is still a chance today to become a co-owner of an international transport corporation with a perspective to cover fifty per cent of transport services! We are not looking for donors – we are offering you a chance to create your own capital on the growth of shares and receive lifelong dividends in the future.

     Become a co-owner of the WIRELESS network IHub.Global.
    Create your passive income!
    Register and reserve your address and wireless network coverage of the national network! More…  
     Increase your personal growth and diversify your investment portfolio with proven international companies.
    Compound interest, or capitalisation of income, is a phenomenon that enables a smart investor to earn not only large, but very large amounts. The same phenomenon brings down the earnings of chronic losers. In some sense, the compound interest is the social lift that enables the smart and the persistent to achieve the most ambitious goals.

    "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world!
    Those who understand it, earn on it, those who do not understand, pay to it." (Albert Einstein)

    Check out and test the passive income calculator.
    Put the principle of compound interest to usel! 



    SkyWay, in principle, is a concept of new transport systems: ecological, safe, comfortable, and significantly cheaper than the currently existing solutions.
    SkyWay – it is not just transport, but also the basis for the establishment of a new global order of infrastructure, where transport will cease to pollute the environment and kill millions of people and will instead be efficient, accessible, comfortable, and safe.

     From 2014, the launch of the string transport SkyWay to the world market has been financed by the modern crowd-funding model.
    Thanks to the multi-level system of partner compensation, the SkyWay project became interesting and attractive not only to professional investors, but also to the most ordinary people all around the world who invest in the SkyWay technology.
    At the beginning of 2021, the company 
    Unitsky String Technologies announced the transition from the stage of designing, testing and obtaining certification to the stage of mass production and open commercial sales on the international market.


    October 2021.
    Civilisation reboot
    watch the video message of Anatoli Unitsky, the engineer and inventor of the string technology at Unitsky String Technologies, to all nations of the world 
     on his YouTube channel .   

    Learn more about the advantages of string transport at the EXPO 2020 fair, which started in Dubai on 1 October 2021. (The name of the fair was retained from the previous year). Unitsky String Technologies is part of this international event. The stand of the company can be found in the Belarus pavilion. UST also invites the readers to visit the uSky centre, which is located in Sharjah. Here, one can not only see the functioning string transport, but also try it out! To the source of publication…


    Popularise the brand of the business club BK.ee along with the logo of your company and the brands of international companies.
    Together, we will establish a system of helping each other in promoting our products and services.

    A system that nobody in the world has created before us!

    If you want to go fast, go alone!
    If you want to go far, go TOGETHER! 
                        Steve Jobs

    As a priority promotional business card, offer two-sided safety reflectors for pedestrians with the logo of your company and the brand of the club ВK.ее – a socially important item + lobbying for you and your business.

    Become an independent financial consultant.
    Use the self-advertising idea of the business club BK.ee
    + the power of partnership referral links!
    Get to the level of a monthly active income of $1,000‒10,000 or more.
    Create your passive income of $1,000‒10,000 (in a month) or more.
    The mission and task of independent financial consultants of the business club 
    BK.ee is to inform and teach people to strive for knowledge and help people to create their own passive income.
    The platform of the business club 
    BK.ee represents, redirects, and helps independent financial consultants to scale up the businesses of the best international companies that, through their business activity, implement the socially important programme NEEW and the movement of multilevel crowd funding, where people are offered to become co-owners of the most profitable companies on planet Earth, participate in their business activity, and establish their own passive income.

    Watch an example of the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) programme in action on the YouTube channel:
    Huaxi – a village of millionaires in China.

    This new movement will give birth to new top leaders and successful entrepreneurs who improve their personal growth and business intellect, invest themselves, and attract investments in international companies they represent.
    In connection with that, the business club 
    BK.ee is seeking for partners who acknowledge the essence of partnership-based business, its colossal perspectives and advantages, and are ready to expand their business, become an independent financial consultant and a business broker ‒ a representative of the international company chosen by you.
    NEEW is a progressive and unique project, the mission of which is social unity and support, the global distribution of wealth and resources, helping others, and leaving a legacy to future generations.
    NEEW is based on the involvement of each person through educational financial literacy and personal growth programmes in the business of the companies, the services of which they use in their personal life.
    This way, a society of educated people will be created that is free from financial stress and the fear of uncertainty and the impending automation of jobs, untouched by political and economic shocks.
    The business club 
    BK.ee recommends to begin learning at the Оpen Corporate University of Aleks Janovski: financial literacy, business intellect, niche selection, and scaling up business – this all creates the conditions for personal growth, active income, creating passive income, but also for expanding the business of an independent financial consultant of the business club BK.ee.


    NB! Friends, register in the international companies through the reference links of the financial consultant who presented you this information!


    Aleksandr Neson
    The author of the idea of the business club BK.ee, MTÜ Balti Kontakt
    Investor, financial consultant.

      Registration in the SkyWay project  



    Do you wish to join, be here, and learn the profession of a financial consultant?
    Would you also like to get to the level of a monthly active income of $1,000‒10,000 or more?
    Would you like to create your own passive income from $1,000‒10,000 (in a month) or more?
    Use the joint advertising idea of the Internet platform of the business club 
    + the power of your partners’ reference links from international companies.
    Contact us! Telephone:




     Question! What income has a beneficial effect on human health and what income would you prefer: 

    My income suits me
    100 000 USD - active incime or
    10 000 - passive income?


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