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    🔥Choose a 21st century profession online on BK.ee: financial advisor or Super Jump intelligence coach.
    Promote the BK.ee brand - represent your country, advertise and scale your new online business!
     🤝 Join the international community of
     conscious, financially literate and positively
     charged friends promoting a healthy lifestyle and
     self-development - "BK.ee Brand Intelligence
     Self-Promotion Club".
    🌞Promote the BK.ee Intellect Club platform–
    represent yourself, your country, your business,
    share your experience and earn money by
    helping people!

    🌞We're inviting you to a 10-day online course in 👉  Super Jump

    The online course will consist of 8 exercises, 1 hour a day,
    in a small group of students of the 
    Intellect Club BK.ee.

       🌞 Why do we need to learn online professions of the 21st century today: a Financial Consultant?
    ✅ By 2030, 800 mln people will lose their jobs globally!  
    ✅ The crises that hit us in recent years have once again proved that we need to be mobile and learn to work and earn money remotely.
    ✅ Online business is the most accessible way to gain financial freedom for anyone.
    ✅ Online business is freedom! 

    ✅You will be able to learn financial literacy and awareness, boost your personal growth and business intelligence. 
    ✅Thanks to the partnership programme, you will be able to earn actively from 3,000 $ up to 10,000 $ (a month) and even more.
    ✅Keep and multiply! 
    ✅Start earning 👉 
    your passive income of 10,000 $ (a month) and even morewhich you will be able to pass over to your successors.
    🌞Live and work in the country that is always warm and sunny!
    👉


    🌞Popularize the club brand BK.ee alongside with your own business logo and the national symbols of your country. 

    💥No one ever before has tried to unite and scale socially important businesses of international companies, using socially important online advertising the way Intellect Club BK.ee is doing now, and this idea belongs to Alexander Neson. 
    As a kind of a business card, you can offer people two-sided reflectors with the logo of your company and the
    brand of Intellect Club self-advertising 
    BK.ee". It will be a socially important item + promotion for you and your business.
    If you want to go fast, go alone!
    If you want to go far, go TOGETHER! 
                    Steve Jobs
    🌞The wealthiest Chinese businessman, the co-founder of Alibaba Jack Ma once said: "Last century generated a lot of smart people, now it's time to create wise people and unite them. We should look deep down into ourselves, understand ourselves from within. Smart people know what they want. Wise people know what they don't want. The most dangerous thing is not artificial intelligence, but greed and nuclear bombs.
    A legendary antique philosopher Socrates once said "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance".
    🌞I, Alexander Neson, the creator of the Brand Intellect Club of friends and self-advertising BK.ee" — want to encourage you to do the following: "The wise people should get together and start zooming up a better future with modern education and innovations!"

    Brief story: from the idea of the brand
    BK.ee, co-branding, popularization of Estonia
    advertising the tourism potential of Belarus, to the offer the present day, the creation of socially important Brand Intellect Club of Self-Advertising for Independent Companies and Positive People BK.ee". 

    I'm inviting you to create the international "Brand Intellect Club of Self-Advertising for Independent Companies and Positive People
    BK.ee". To learn how to scale international business as well as partnership business online. To represent international companies and your partnership business within the Intellect Club of Self-Advertising BK.ee".

    ✅ The self-advertising platform of the Brand Intellect Club of Self-Advertising BK.ee represents, redirects, and helps independent Financial Consultants and Intellect Coaches scale the business of the best international companies.

    ✅ The mission and the task of independent Financial Consultants and Super Jump Intellect Coaches of the Brand Intellect Club 
    BK.ee is to infuse people around with positive energy, to inform people and instill the drive to study financial awareness online as well as to boost their personal growth and business intelligence.

    🌞Intellect Club 
    BK.ee instigates and suggests building 👉 comfortable modern cluster settlements and cities. They will make our lives more convenient and help to preserve the ecosystem on planet Earth for future generations.

    🌞By way of example of Financial Consultants and Intellect Coaches of the Intellect Club BK.eewe are going to relive the success story of 👉 the inhabitants of Huaxi Village of millionaires in China.

    In connection with that, the Intellect Club BK.ee is looking for partners that understand the meaning of partnership business, its huge perspectives, advantages, and are ready to scale their business, becoming an independent Financial Consultant or an Intellect Coach, a representative of the international company.

    Intellect Club 
    BK.ee is a cutting-edge unique project, whose mission is to achieve social unity and cohesion as well as provide support, global distribution of wealth and resources, helping others and leaving good inhertiance to future generations.

    Intellect Club 
    BK.ee is based on involving every single person, via educational programs about fianncial literacy and personal growth, into the activities of the companies, whose services they use in their everyday lives.

    It will help us to create a community of educated people, free from financial stress, from political and economic turmoil, from the fear of uncertainty of tomorrow and the upcoming robotization of workplaces.

    With due consideration of your needs and interests, I'm ready to provide you with consultations and help to choose a company:
    Online learning for personal growth.
    Earning money actively online.
    Generating passive income.
    How to keep and multiply savings.

    Aleksandr Neson.
    Financial Consultant, Intellect Coach, hands-on investor
    Author of the idea of socially important online advertising.
    Brand Intellect Club of Self-Advertising for Independent Companies and Positive People 
    MTÜ Balti Kontakt

    Read more... 
    Recommendations for watching: Civilisation reload by Anatoly Ynitskiy.
    After watching it, you will understand why our offer is 👉 
     to teach adults using the Super Jump method and to learn the profession of Super Jump Intellect Coach, which is very useful in the 21st century. 

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     Question! What income has a beneficial effect on human health and what income would you prefer: 

    My income suits me
    100 000 USD - active incime or
    10 000 - passive income?


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