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    28 Nov 2012

    For sale: land plots in the Old Town of Tallinn + a turnkey solution for advertising your investment project and business

    Dear investors, there are two land plots for sale in the central part of the Old Town of Tallinn.

    In the long term, the purchase of the two land plots will increase their value provided that the territory is developed as a single group of buildings. You have the unique opportunity of buying real estate in the Old Town. All the requirements have been met to commence detailed planning. This is the only land plot within the limits of the Old Town where the construction of a new residential and commercial building is allowed! By far the best offer in the Old Town as well as a representative office in the European Union supported by exclusive advertising! We offer participation in an Internet advertising information project and an exclusive advertising solution for your investment project and enterprise. As your business card, we will produce pedestrian retroreflectors displaying the trade mark of the investor (business complex) and the Baltic Key / b-key.eu brand

    Investment highlights:

    Unique opportunity to acquire development land in the historical centre of Tallinn;
    Total land area is 1,665 sq m;
    Development potential is as follows:

    Type of premises Gross sellable/lettable area
    Retail area 2,280 sq m
    Office area 964 sq m
    Residential area 337 sq m
    Terrace 158 sq m
    TOTAL 3,379 sq m

    Heritage protection requirements letter from the municipality has been submitted and detail plan process can be started immediately;
    Conceptual design based on heritage protection requirements is available;
    The detail plan process likely takes 2-3 years;
    The existing buildings provide stable cash flow before the construction phase of the development;

    • Asking price: EUR 1,600,000.

    Parameters of the land plots

    Aia 6Aia 8
    Land area:818 sq m847 sq m
    Purpose of use:residentialresidential
    Cadastral no.:78401:101:014678401:101:2640

    The municipality has indicated that the conversion of the land for commercial purpose is possible.

    Existing buildings

    Building A is used as a residential building. Underground garage can accommodate 2 cars. The building is in very good condition. The building is not under the heritage protection and can be demolished fully when construction of the new buildings starts.

    Building B has been damaged by fire, but with a relatively small investment it could be renovated into a residential or commercial building. The building is under heritage protection, thus when the construction starts it has to be restored or replaced with identical building.

    Building C is under the heritage protection and not usable. The heritage protection inspection demands that when the construction starts an identical building has to be built at the same place. The owners plan to demolish the building soon.

    Building D is not usable and is not under the heritage protection. The owners plan to demolish the building soon.


    The property is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on the corner of Aia and Inseneri Street at the edge of the Old City. The Old City of Tallinn is a world heritage site and the main part of the tourist sightseeing.

    Viru Square, which is just 100 m from the property, is the official centre of Tallinn as well as the city’s most attractive district. Viru Square connects Pärnu Road – direction to Riga, Latvia – Narva Road – direction to the North-East side of Tallinn – and Mere Avenue – direction to the North of Tallinn and the Old City Harbour.

    The largest and busiest passenger harbours in Estonia as well as in the Baltic region - Tallinn Old City Harbour, is 500 m from the property. The harbour services the regular boat and ferry lines to Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg as well as cruise and yachts. Over 7 million passengers arrive to and leave Tallinn through the Old City Harbour each year.

    The surrounding area is the core area of Tallinn, hosting many modern office buildings, hotels and retail areas. As a principle, no modern buildings are allowed in the Old City, however Aia and Inseneri streets are just outside the restricted area. Recently a large modern building was completed just next to Aia 6/8 properties and similar building is allowed on the Subject land plot.

    Since all the retail, service and entertainment centres as well as main public transportation stops are within walking distance, the area has one of the highest pedestrian flows in the city.

    The location offers excellent access to all public transportation routes, as the bus terminal is located across the Narva Street on the ground floor of Viru Shopping Centre.

    The distance to Tallinn International Airport is approximately 4 km, to the central railway station approximately 1 km and to Tallinn bus station around 2 km.

    The following retail and entertainment centres are located close to the property:
    Viru Shopping Centre – the largest shopping centre in the CBD with 32,000 sq m of lettable area and over 31,000 visitor per day;

    Rotermanni Quarter – the most attractive quarter of the city where old industrial buildings that have been given a new function as residential, retail or office premises, stand next to modern architecture;
    Foorum Centre – an office building and a shopping centre that accommodates retail stores, spas, banking services, restaurants, cafes and beauty centres.
    The Following hotels are located close to the property:
    Nordic Hotel Forum – 100 meters – 267 rooms
    Hotel Metropol – 300 meters – 149 rooms
    Sokos Viru Hotel – 200 meters – 516 rooms
    Tallink City Hotel – 300 meters – 332 rooms
    Park Inn Central Hotel by Radisson – 400 meters – 245 rooms
    Radisson Blu Hotel – 450 meters – 350 rooms
    Swisshotel – 700 meters – 238 rooms

    Development plan and conceptual design

    The area is highly regarded as retail, commercial and retail area. As the rental rates are highest for retail space, the conceptual plan is maximizing the retail area.

    The underground level is planned for a grocery shop. First above the ground levels are planned for high-street retailers, beauty salons and other similar service providers. Higher levels are planned for offices and apartments.

    Type of premises Gross sellable/lettable area Retail area 2,280 m2 Office area 964 m2 Residential area 337 m2 Terrace 158 m2

    Note: The parameters in the conceptual design project are based on heritage protection requirements. Thus, the detail planning can be started immediately.

    Level 0

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    NB! The business idea of advertisements combined with the use of the status of the non-profit organisation Baltic Contact (MTÜ Balti Kontakt).

    PS! We recommend using the two wooden buildings of the existing group of buildings as advertising objects: “comfortable houses made of environmentally friendly timber”. Setting up a representative office of a woodworking enterprise to display sketches and designs of houses, saunas, gazebos etc. in the rooms of one of the houses is also reasonable. If necessary, we can recommend a Belarusian company that manufactures similar products.

    MTÜ Balti Kontakt can directly contact the owners of the land plots and the exclusive seller. The non-profit organisation status allows us to negotiate on all business levels as well as with governmental departments and authorities.

    In addition, we offer an exclusive solution for the advertising of your investment project enterprise. As your business card, we will produce pedestrian retroreflectors displaying the trade mark of the investor (business complex) and the brand of Baltic Key / b-key.eu, the Internet advertising information project.

    What makes us different is that MTÜ Balti Kontakt offers a turnkey solution for the advertising of your business and investment project in Tallinn, in a European Union member state that enjoys a well-developed infrastructure, deep-water ports and historically established potential.

    As your business card, we offer pedestrian retroreflectors displaying your trade mark and the Baltic Key / b-key.eu brand.

    The retroreflectors displaying the trade mark of the project participants and the Baltic Key / b-key.eu are intended for the purposes stated below.

    The most important aspect is that the retroreflectors offered to project participants will save thousands of lives. The multi-language Internet resource of socially significant information being advertised will contribute to decreasing the number of road traffic accidents and injury rates, and the information about project participants as well as their advertisements will contribute to the increase of transit traffic and the development of tourism and business as well as cultural and business connections.

    MTÜ Balti Kontakt

    Toomas Neson Òåë. +372 556 53 199

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