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  • Offer on advertising and making of company gifts and individual souvenir products. Print E-mail
    30 May 2007
    Launching point of the project – Estonia!
    We offer:

    • Participation in the international advertising project and joint advertising campaigns with drawing of prizes.

    • We make business cards in the form of stickers with YOUR company brand, contact details and the Baltic Key – win a prize!

    • We distribute the advertising of the participants in the project who offer prizes upon organization of street trade of
    Estonian souvenirs in the Tallinn Old Town.

    • Distinguish yourself among the competitors – offer your prize!

    • The prizes are advertised through outdoor advertising, distribution of booklets as well as at the portal www.bk.ee.

    • Information on your hotels, resorts, goods and services in the centre of attention of the worldwide Internet community.

    • Most efficient!

    • Advertising that is thoroughly studied!

    • Everybody is resting, but your advertising is working finding its way into the memory of your potential buyers and customers!

    • Help buyers find and choose your offer from among countless other possibilities!

    • Your profit will show exactly how thankful they are.

    Your advantages:

    • You participate in the creation of international system of mutual assistance to promote your goods and services.

    • Distinguish your products and services on the general background among the countless competitors.

    • Attract old and new customers and tourists to your hotel, resort, restaurant, shop, etc.;

    • Why would customers and tourists want to buy your products or services and receive a sticker with the Baltic Key in addition to that?

    • Stickers with the Baltic Key give their owners a chance to win a prize!

    • We use potential possibilities of the Internet, present and advertise the participants in the project.

    We make:

    • Souvenir shirts with different symbolics and city views.

    • Miniature ceramic copies of presently existing buildings and constructions as well as those that haven’t preserved till our days. All products are made by hand. Making miniature copies of architectural monuments, our masters convey the beauty and grandeur of the architectural heritage of medieval European cities.

    • Putting photos, logotypes and text on plates, cups, pens, shirts, etc.

    • Souvenirs with national colouring and your brand.

    • Our designers will work out an organic design combination for the products.

    • The cost of shirts, ceramics, souvenirs and stickers depends on the number of copies.

    For companies

    Your company is located in a beautiful building? To remind them of your cooperation, present your customers with its miniature copy or an original souvenir with a photo of the building and your company logo on ceramics or a shirt.

    For hotels

    The tourists visiting your hotel will definitely take along the most warm memories. And of course, the days spent with you will stay in the memory of your guests for a long time if they will take with them a miniature copy of your hotel or an original souvenir with a photo on ceramics or a shirt, that will serve as an original advertising of your establishment and attract more and more new customers.

    For restaurants and bars

    Some people visit your restaurant or bar all the time? You wish to have regular customers?

    Make them happy by giving them a ceramic cup or a plate with the name of the customer and the photo of your restaurant/bar!

    The address on the reverse side and the business card in the form of a sticker with the Baltic Key will help them find their way to you also the next time.

    For ship companies

    Tourists are your regular customers? Miniature copy of the ship or an original souvenir with a photo and your logotype on ceramics or a shirt – an excellent reminder of a romantic sea journey on board of your ship. In souvenir shops on board your ship tourists can always buy souvenirs if they haven’t had time to do it during their stay in our city.

    For banks

    Where else if not in your bank could one save a goodly sum of money? Present each new customer (who opens an account) with a bank picturing the facade of your building.

    For universities and schools

    The university years is the best time in life that unfortunately passes by quite quickly. A miniature copy of your dear educational institution or an original souvenir with its photo on ceramics or a shirt added by the name of the institution and the faculty, your name and the year of graduation will help to preserve the memory of the years spent at your second home. Our product will serve as a pleasant reminder of the days spent in the university auditoriums.
    For foreign communities and relatives

    Life has made you or your ancestors leave your homeland. We offer original souvenirs that will help bring back the memories of the faraway homeland – original souvenirs with photos on ceramics or shirts or a miniature copy of the house, where you or your parents used to live.

    Your house did not survive the torments of the last century? On the basis of old photographs and archive materials our masters will bring it back to life in the form of a miniature ceramic copy. Preserve the memory of your homeland for yourself and your dear ones – order a miniature copy of the house that is close to your heart!

    For real estate agents

    A miniature ceramic copy of the house or an original souvenir with a photo and your company logo on ceramics or a shirt will be a great gift for both former and new owners of the house and will serve as a pleasant memory of the transaction concluded with the help of your company.
    To order products and get additional information, please call: +372 5045 169.

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